Course PT02 Teamworking and Hotlinks

Teamwork - BIM Server - The factors that need to be considered before deciding to install a BIM Server. This will cover both hardware specifications and organisational issues. The factors that set Graphisofts patented Delta technology apart from other solutions.

The BIM Server Control Centre and its Preferences. The importance of the BIM Server Manager and controlling Projects, Libraries, Users, Roles and Backups. Keeping updates to the BIM Server and client workstations up to date

Teamwork - Users - How to Share and Join teamwork projects. Requesting, Reserving and Releasing elements. What the Messaging function does. The importance of Sending and Receiving regularly and when users should Leave a project. Dealing with Offline / Online issues. The functions in the Teamwork palette. Effective Library management and the importance of the Local Data Manager. What the Travel Pack can be used for, and using TWlink files. How to create a Support Package and save out Log Files to assist with any support issues.

Hotlinks - Effective use of Hotlink Modules. Examples of Hotlinks for Internal Layouts, complete buildings, Sites etc.. The crucial importance of managing Attributes. Element linking. Managing Hotlinks, Updating, Relinking, and nested Hotlinks. IFCs and Hotlinks. Scheduling where Hotlinks are involved and the use of Master IDs

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