Course PT03 Templates and Favourites

Templates - The importance of developing Office Standards and ensuring that all users adhere to them. A look at appropriate National Standards and the factors to consider when creating an Office Template. Consistent Attributes and effective Attribute control. Project Info, Layouts and Autotext. Office procedures and workflows. Dealing with Uniclass, IFC and COBie fields.

Favourites - The effective use of Favourites and moving Favourites between Projects. What can be achieved with Favourite Preferences. The importance of keeping Attributes consistent when creating Favourites.

Effective use of the Navigator - Folder organisation and clone folders. The importance of View control and naming. Keeping file sizes under control. The using the Drawing Manager + Organiser to ensure consistency

Work environments - Looks at the work environment subsections and which ones are most useful. Creating Keyboard Shortcuts. Work Environment Palette control. Saving and exporting Work Environments and Hot Desking.

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