Course PT04 Advanced Modelling Tools and Documentation

This course is to enable users who have an understanding of ArchiCAD to improve their productivity in some of the more advanced tools in ArchiCAD. The course will also cover getting the most out of sections and elevations and adding detail that will lead on to visualisation work.

Advanced Modelling Tools - The course will look in detail at the Morph Tool, Shell Tool, Curtain Wall Tool and Solid Element Operations and how they can be used most effectively to create some of the more complex geometry often required in projects today. The creation of Custom panels is another way of tailoring standard elements in ArchiCAD to better represent one off requirements.

Documentation - Ways of controlling Sections and Elevations to achieve the detail and particular styles of output will also be examined. The importance of controlling Views effectively to ensure that the flow through to layouts and finally publishing is achieved with minimal fuss and effort.

Visualisations - These need to be able to be produced quickly and easily as a by product of Building Information Modelling. Techniques for achieving this will be explored and attendees will learn how to avoid spending unproductive hours in creating visualisations.

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