Course PT05 Zones, Schedules and EcoDesigner

Zones - Zones are an important tool, using a small example project Zones will be added, looking at the controls available, different geometry methods and the reasons for using each. We look at standards for Zone categories, creating and allocating zone categories, stamps and Zones in 3D.

Schedules - Scheduling data from a model is a crucial aspect of BIM. Only by Scheduling directly from the BIM can consistent and up to date data be ensured. We look at adding the correct data to elements for scheduling, controlling IDs, configuring Scheme settings to give the results required, selecting the fields to schedule and alternatives for publishing the information.

Energy Evaluation 1 - The ability to produce an Energy Evaluation with minimal additional effort from the very earliest stages of a project is an important aspect of BIM with ArchiCAD. The early decisions will be the most cost effective in ensuring an energy efficient project. Using the example project we look at the Environmental Settings, Climate Data, and defining Thermal Blocks. How to edit Structures and Openings, the inbuilt Opening and Material catalogues, Building Systems Energy Source Factors and Costs. Configuring and selecting appropriate reports including Irradiation Studies will also be covered.

Energy Evaluation 2 - EcoDesigner Star takes the Energy Evaluation available from an ArchiCAD BIM to a new level. We look at the new functions including; Thermal Bridge Simulations, Standard Compliant Performance Rating Calculations (Baseline building), Expert dialog settings in building systems, On-site renewables (PV panels and wind turbines), Differences in simulation reports.?

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