Bite training information

ArchiCAD Productivity Training

Bite have developed 5 new one days courses for existing ArchiCAD users. Each day concentrates on enabling you to make substantial improvements in your use of ArchiCAD, rapidly increasing you and your organisations productivity.

Course Pre-requisites - attendees must have a working knowledge of ArchiCAD. These courses are not intended for beginners. If you require a beginners course please contact us and enquire about ArchiCAD Essentials courses.

Course Objectives - to enable users who have an understanding of ArchiCAD to improve their productivity and ensure they are getting the most out of ArchiCAD. With worked examples we will show how users can use Building Information Modelling (BIM) more effectively. The courses will also cover various tips and tricks on the way to improve users productivity generally.

Course Dates and Venues - these courses will be run at our training centre in Nottingham from May 12th - 16th. Additional dates and venues may be considered depending on demand.

Monday 12/5/2014 - PT03 Templates and Favourites
Tuesday 13/5/2014 - PT02 Teamworking and Hotlinks
Wednesday 14/5/2014 - PT01 BIM Introduction IFC and COBie
Thursday 15/5/2014 - PT04 Advanced Modelling Tools and Documentation
Friday 16/5/2014 - PT05 Zones, Schedules and EcoDesigner

Course costs - Users with a current UAS support contract - 95 per person per day
Users with no current UAS support contract - 130 per person per day.

There will be an additional 10% discount for bookings of more than one day or where more than one person from the same organisation is booking. There will be a 15% discount where two or more people from the same organisation are booking for more than one day. Payment by cheque or bank transfer prior to the course is required.

Computers - Users may bring their own laptops to follow the course content. Alternatively computers can be provided by us at an additional cost of 35 per day. Booking - if you or any colleagues would like to attend one or more of these courses please reply to this email giving details of the course(s) you wish to attend and the names of attendees, or ring us on 0800 952 9530.

Other Options - we are able to offer these and other courses on an ad-hoc basis, either for specific organisations or in specific locations dependant on demand and numbers. We also offer tailored consultancy days to look at an organisations use of ArchiCAD and BIM in general and suggest ways in which usage and productivity can be improved. If you would like to discuss either of these options please contact us.

Tel: FREEPHONE 0800 9529530

London: Phoenix Yard, 65 Kings Cross Road, London, WC1X 9LW
Nottingham: Springfield House, 2 Millicent Road, Nottingham, NG2 7LD

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